Humans increasingly develop the need to interact with their social environment to express themselves.

Signage represents that optimal scenario of connection between users, where different typographic designs converge, which are very favorable to meet the objectives of a brand.

On a personal level, every sign we see on the street or in a commercial establishment allows us to be prepared, facilitates our daily life, and helps keep us informed about what is happening around us.

From an organizational point of view, it is a system that cannot be missing, as the power of signage in influencing a consumer’s purchase decision is estimated to reach 80%, making it an essential tool for any business.

The evolutionary process that signage has undergone over the years is evident. Although it started as a rudimentary element, over time it became an indispensable mechanism for life.

Innovation and creativity have been fundamental elements that have allowed the development of signage. The quest of companies to offer better service and to attract customers has resulted in new advancements every day.

Signage will continue to position itself as a unique and original system. And, despite its various styles and colors, its function will always be the same, to capture the public’s attention.

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